Cedar Questions and Answers

Question: What makes your Gazebos and Saunas so much better?

Answer: There are # of reasons why we believe we offer the best prodcuts in the industry:

  • All of our products are pre-built in a controlled process.
  • Our products have been fully enhanced, without the increase in price.
  • We go direct from manufacturer to end-user (we pass the savings to the customer)
  • Speak to the owner, we are concerned about our customers and we welcome all enquiries.
  • Our products come from sustainable forests, our saunas for example are built with Eastern white Cedar grown in Northern Ontario.

Question: Why Is Northern White Cedar the best wood to build with?

Answer:Northern white cedar is a superior wood in its resistance to the elements and is considered one of the longest-lasting woods,used in the lumbering industry today.
Cedar's closed cell structure deters moisture absorption, therefore hindering the internal growth of mold or mildew. The wood is rot and termite resistant and is used primarily in products which are in direct contact with water, moisture or soil.

Question:Will Cedar splinter and twist if it is exposed to the elements:

Answer: Cedar is a dimensionally stable wood, especially when kiln-dried, meaning it lies flat and stays straight, resisting the natural tendency as with other wood species to crack, providing a splinter sesistant and extremely smoother finish. Its natural preservative will also meant that it doesn not need to be treated and will not rot.

Question: Can I stain or do I need to add preservatives to the exposed wood?

Answer: Northern White Cedar does not need a preservative. The finishing color or stain is completely up to you. Some folks prefer to allow the exposed Northern White Cedar to “naturally age” outdoors without any finish at all. this way, the furniture is visually harmonious with the landscape. Over time, the color will weather from a light tan to a handsome silver-gray highlighted by darker streaks, some variation of color is dependant on the amount of sunlight vs shade.

Question: How long does it take to recieve my order,&is it delivered?

Answer: Some of the products we make are available immediately and will be shipped to as soon as the sale has been processed. When your order involves customization it will take approximately 10 days to have your order ready to ship. All of our products are packaged on skids and we will delivered directly to the end use site or to another location.

Question: What support will I get after purchase?

Answer:All of our kits follow a systematic process, if you have any problems or concerns about the set up process, I will be more then happy to guide you through the process. I will be sending up videos in the near future highlighting the process. Customers will have access to this library of content.

I welcome all enquires, sometimes clients have a specific design or they have seen a unique look that they want to capture. Please feel free to drop me a note or call me.


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