About Us

Meet Dan & Estelle

We are Northerners, having grown and lived off the land as far as I can remember. Grandpa used to log with his team of horses back in the old days. My introduction to the sawmill industry began 10 years ago with a small manual band saw on the farm. I was sawing lumber for ourselves, and friends. The whole process of starting with a log and transforming it into a finished product got me hooked as a sawyer. My passion for this work progressed into full time work and I was fortunate to have a life-time partner my wife "Estelle" who shares these same values.

Our Committment

Our business was built with our strong core values. We believe in honest hard work, we respect our customers and recognize the importance of providing quality products and value. We care deeply about our forests that sustain our lives and are conscious of being good stewards of the land entrusted to us. Before any product leaves our yard to yours it will pass my hands and discerning eyes and meet the standards set by our business that has grown by serving its neighbors and friends.

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